House concerts offer the ultimate intimate music-listening setting; a living room in someone’s home. In such a setting, the artist and the listeners all merge into the collective experience and the wall between the stage and the audience disappears. House Concerts are also much more social and more fun than any traditional show you might be used to.

What the heck is a house concert anyway?
It’s just like it sounds, it’s simply a concert for a group of listeners in someone’s home. It is a wonderful way to spend an evening or afternoon with your friends enjoying some fine entertainment.


Do I have to be the owner of a huge house in order to host a house concert?
Absolutely not! Any house or “social room” in a condo will do. Once you push back a couch or two and line up the kitchen and dining room chairs you’ve got yourself a good setting.


Do I have to be a super – gracious host and spend all week cooking and cleaning?
No, you may provide as much or little in the way of food or drink as you like. Most house concert hosts, simply say byob and bring some finger food if you like. You’re the boss, you get to decide!

Will Hal keep on playing and singing all night long, keeping me up way past my bedtime?
No, he usually does two sets of approximately 45 mins with a break in the middle. The guests are usually invited to arrive a half hour before the performance is due to begin. Afternoon concerts work for some – maybe a Sunday afternoon.


Do I have to pay Hal money?
The attending guests are the folks that provide the income for the musicians just like any other concert. You and the Hal decide on just how much to charge each guest for admission. We have found the best wording is “minimum suggested donation per person” and have found that $15 -$20 per person works quite well. 

this video gives you a good idea of just how much fun a house concert can be

I'd honoured if you decide to host me in your home, and I promise to play a great show for you and your guests!