This is the Butterfly 4 String. It's a 25.5" scale 4 string cigarbox guitar. Made with an Undercrown Shade box and using a Nova Scotia Pine neck with a maple fingerboard. It is fretted and intonated to play using a slide or fingers. The neck has been sanded and tung oiled until it is buttery smooth.


I've installed a 4 band preamp which give EQ control and volume to the pickup. 


Scale Lengh: 25.5"

Fingerboard: Maple

Neck: Nova Scotia Pine

Nut: Plastic

Bridge: Walnut

Box: Undercrown Shade Box

Preamp: EQ7545R 4 Band Active Preamp

Pickup: Piezo

Tuners: Sealed Gear Tuners

Butterfly 4 String