Vintage Blend

Vintage Blend is a collection of Manitoba Hal songs reimagined and rearranged for cigar box guitar, ukulele and slide guitar. These newly recorded songs from the earliest stage of Manitoba Hal's career combine his rich, signature songwriting style with the clear and uncomplicated tone of homemade, "front porch" instruments.

The album begins with Manitoba Hal's first ukulele, a 1955 Martin soprano. His grandfather gave it to him on the condition that he learn to play it. He did and it changed everything. A little folk, a little blues and a little rock n' roll… this album showcases Manitoba Hal's varied songwriting and musical styles.

released October 15, 2019


Manitoba Hal - lead vocals, ukulele, cigar box guitar, slide guitar, cigar box bass

Geoff Arsenault - junk percussion

Support Vocals (arranged by Nicole Colbeck)
Jessica Jürgenliemk
Kathleen Glauser
Merrie Howe
Chett Buchanan
Nigel D'Eon
Nicole Colbeck

All songs © Hal Brolund except This Condition and 30 Odd Days by Hal Brolund/Stephen Johns (SOCAN)

Produced by Nicole Colbeck/Hal Brolund

Recorded by Jay Pilzer at Maritimes Music Studio
Shelburne, Nova Scotia, Canada

Photography by Lisa Buchanan

Design concept by Nicole Colbeck
Graphic Layout by Hal Brolund

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All songs by Hal Brolund except; 
My Dyin Day by Hal Brolund and Joanne Stacey 
Paul Walked On by Pat Melanson 

Manitoba Hal: 
Ukulele, Resonator Guitar, Cigar Box Guitar 

Tim Williams: 
Octave Mandolin, Mandolin, 12 String Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Slide Guitar, Weisenborn guitar, Backup Vocals 

Kevin Belzner: Drums 

Kit Johnson: Upright Bass 

Shaye Zadravec and Syndey Zadravec: Backup Vocals 

Produced by Tim Williams 

Engineered by Steve Gerard at Bette Jane Studio Calgary, Alberta 

Mastered by Dave Horrocks at Infinite Wave Mastering, Calgary, Alberta 

Photography by Lisa Buchanan 
Graphic design by Hal Brolund 

Dancing In The Moonlight - 2015

Down In The Kitchen - 2014

Devil On The Wall - 2013

Flirting With Mermaids - 2012

Huckster - 2010

Little Box of Sadness - 2008

Ukulele Bluesman - 2007


Worn Out Shoes - 2008

Come The Ruination - 2006

Resonator - 2005

This Condition - 2004

Lou Ow! - with The Incombustible Men - 2003

Kick At The Stones - 2002

When Hal Freezes Over - 1999

Flatland Cafe - 1997

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